Firefighters Community Food Drive

Firefighters Food Drive Will Not Be Going Door-to-Door

Due to the current COVID-19 challenges, the Fire Departments in Black Diamond and Turner Valley will not be going door to door again this year.

We’re running a special Drive Thru Drop Off Food Donation November 25th – see the homepage for more info.

You can drop off food donations at the Country Food Mart in Black Diamond, at the Food Bank on Tuesdays from 11-12 or at the Sheep River Library  … see our Donate page.

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Annual Firefighters Community Food Drive

Every November the Firefighters from Turner Valley, Black Diamond & Longview go from door-to-door in these three communities gathering donations.  Regardless of the weather they band together to help make sure there is food for the hungry in their communities.

It is a two-evening event during which they drop many truckloads of food to us.  It takes lots of volunteers to sort, weigh and store everything that is provided and it carries us through a substantial part of the year. 

We are also fortunate to have the help of the Scouting & Guiding groups and their leaders.  They stick with the task until every last item has been safely tucked away.

 In 2019 our volunteers logged 545 hours and we received 5,974 kgs of food valued at $32,857 and cash donations of $3,910.

Thank you!

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